Sining was founded in May 2023 by Alexander and Alexa Louise, along with their mother, to celebrate and promote the talents of artists and craftsmen. Inspired by the creativity in our community, we created Sining as a platform to showcase these incredible works.
The name ‘Sining’ means ‘Art’ in Tagalog, reflecting our mission. We produce and sell handmade bags from plant fibers, emphasizing sustainability and environmental conservation. Our eco-friendly materials are renewable and biodegradable, reducing our environmental impact.
Our products reach international markets, highlighting the exceptional weaving and design skills of our craftsmen.  Started as a small tent shop in Byward Market in downtown Ottawa, we now have our own website ( Through Sining, we aim to promote traditional craftsmanship, provide opportunities for artists, and enhance the livelihoods of those we impact.
Our ultimate goal is to create a community that celebrates art and craftsmanship, improves quality of life, and supports sustainable and ethical practices.
Feel free to check us on our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram: Sining Crafts Canada.