We are supporting The CHEO foundation to assist the doctors, nurses and
staff at CHEO who handle well over 500,000 patient/families visits every year

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Runway for HOPE is a Not-For-Profit organization that made its debut in 2012. Having previously worked in the entertainment industry, the Runway for HOPE team has always had a craving for bringing together the people of the community. Luckily, their background in business endowed the team with the knowledge required to kick start Runway for HOPE’s own initiative. They decided that partnering with a local charity was the best way to make their vision come to life. At an early stage, they developed a sustainable relationship with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation (CHEO Foundation) and continues to successfully deliver above and beyond their expectations. Over time, the team worked hard to levitate Runway for HOPE on the Ottawa scene which allowed Runway for HOPE to donate more than $30,000 to CHEO. To this day, Runway for HOPE, continues to grow and strive for success.

Runway for Hope Ottawa started a new movement by connecting those working in the fashion industry, with their supporters, to hold fashion-based events and to engage Ottawa citizens in local fashion. Runway for Hope Ottawa also promotes local musicians by providing them with an opportunity to perform on stage. Currently, Runway for Hope Ottawa hosts an annual charity fashion event. In the future, the organization plans to increase the number of events held throughout the year.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to promote local talent in Ottawa’s fashion industry while raising money for local charities.

Our Vision

Runway for Hope Ottawa aims to increase the amount of public awareness for local fashion designers and local clothing. A future goal is to eventually have Ottawa recognized for its local fashion talent and to increase tourism to the nation’s capital for this very reason. Furthermore, the organization would like to see Ottawa’s fashion designers gain nation-wide recognition by eventually broadening the scope and providing them with exposure in fashion events outside of Ottawa. With increasing support for Runway for Hope Ottawa, Canada’s capital has the potential to gain as much recognition as Montreal and Toronto’s fashion industry.