SwimHumyn (pronounced ‘swim human,’ represents our gender-free, inclusivity mandate)

At SwimHumyn, we celebrate every child’s individuality and uniqueness. But our swimwear isn’t just stylish; it’s also designed for safety and comfort.
To protect kids from the sun’s harmful UV rays, we use UPF sun-protective materials, often crafted with seamless linings, in full-coverage designs – eliminating the need to interrupt playtime to slather on more sunscreen. And our vibrant, retro 90s colour-blocked construction makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your kids in and even under the water.
SwimHumyn is an Ottawa-based swimwear brand for parents, designed by parents: we offer gender-neutral, mix-and-match options that are sun-smart, play-ready, and hi-vis. We want kids to have fun in the sun without any worries.
Dive into SwimHumyn, where every child’s humyn spirit shines bright! ✨